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Citizens' Hose Company No. 1 was organized in December of 1901 as a volunteer unincorporated association. On September 10th, 1903, the "Citizens Hose Company No. 1 of Dillsburg, Penna." was incorporated. The first major fire that these brave men encountered was June 18th, 1913 when the most disastrous fire in Dillsburg history occurred. Discovered at midnight, this fire had already spread to neighboring buildings. By the time the fire had been controlled, it had spread to the McCreary residence, the school building, the Lutheran Church and its parsonage, and two other buildings. The total loss was found to be $150,000.
In 1919, the fire department purchased an American LaFrance Combination Chemical and Hose Car, mounted on a one ton Model ?T? Ford Chassis purchased for $1,850. This is the same model ?T? fire engine that the company still proudly owns. In May of 1934, the fire department purchased an American LaFrance Fire Truck able to pump 500 gallons per minute. Four years later, a house siren was installed and was activated from the telephone switchboard.

Several additional improvements were made to the fire department over the years including the addition of a ladies auxiliary unit. At the height of its membership, the roster stood well over 350. The community hall was added to the present building in the latter 1940s.

Since this time, the department has purchased several pieces of fire apparatus and has continued the proud heritage of its founders. At the present time, the company owns a 1995 Simon-Duplex 75' Aerial Scope Tower Truck, 2006 Cyclone ll 95' Aluminum E-One Mid Mount Platform HP95, 2006 KME Rescue-Engine, 2004 Ford F-350 Utility, 2004 Ford Explorer being used as the Chiefs vehicle. Three ambulances, 2002 Ford PL Custom, 2009 Ford Road Rescue and a 2013 Chevrolet PL Custom.

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